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Armored Core 6: How to Unlock More EN (Energy)

Feb 18, 2024

Energy (EN) is one of the primary resources your mech runs on in Armored Core 6, which you can increase when you unlock certain parts in the Assembly.

One of the most important resources for your mech in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is called Energy (EN), which ties into the overall movement you have unlocked at any given time. A specific part you can collect in the Assembly is responsible for how your Energy functions. Much like any piece of your mech, you'll have to find the right balance between stats that work best for your customized build.

When you embark on missions in Armored Core 6, you can see the Energy meter at your mech's disposal toward the bottom center of the screen, right below your Impact bar. Unlike previous titles, energy weapons don't drain a mech's total Energy when firing. Instead, this resource is mainly drained when you boost in any direction, including when you have to take to the skies and fly into the air against enemies.

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The amount of Energy available to your mech can be determined by which Generator you unlock in the Assembly of Armored Core 6. This part has stats tied to EN Capacity and EN Recharge that directly impact your amount of Energy and how fast it returns, respectfully. Checking the Part Specs can be measured along with your AC Specs to see if your build can handle a stronger Generator.

The amount of Energy used in boosts and vertical flight might depend on the type of Legs you have equipped for your mech. The heavier the build, the more Energy it may take to perform movement actions.

Either upgrading your current Generator or buying a new one allows you to unlock more Energy for your mech. Since your Energy recharges much slower in the air than on the ground, a Generator's EN Recharge stat can be just as important as getting a bigger meter. The default Generator seen in previews of Armored Core 6 is the DF-GN-O2 Ling-Tai, a balanced part that emphasizes Recharge over Capacity.

Other mech parts like Boosters and Cores can slightly affect how your Energy is spent, providing changes to thrust speeds and Generator Output Adj. that could impact how much EN your mech spends.

The EN Output stat shows how much Energy it will take to fit a Generator into your mech based on your machine's EN Load, so be careful to choose a part that will actually work. If you need more money to purchase a better Generator, simply complete missions and fight in the Arena mode to gain more currency. Those that unlock more Energy (EN) in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon add extra mobility that can make their mech far stronger.

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