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5 Essential Diesel Engine Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Jul 11, 2023

Diesel engines are renowned for their remarkable low-end torque, longevity, and sterling fuel economy. Diesel fuel packs 10% to 15% more energy than gasoline or petrol, enabling it to go 35% farther on a gallon of diesel fuel. Moreover, diesel engines have larger, sturdier internal components and a larger oil capacity to handle more abuse. Diesel engines produce peak torque at lower engine speeds, so they don't need to rev like a Honda S2000 to climb slopes or pull heavy loads.

However, diesel motors require proper maintenance to tick like a clock at every start. Warning signs like poor fuel economy, rough idling, difficulty starting, low power output, and bluish smoke from the exhaust means it's time to visit the shop and give your diesel a much-needed check-up. Before any symptoms rear their ugly heads, here are five diesel engine maintenance tips that every diesel owner should know for their truck.

Diesel engines could run above 1,000,000 miles before requiring a major overhaul, but there's a catch: Diesel mills require frequent maintenance over the engine's lifespan. A typical diesel would generally need fewer trips to the garage than a gas-powered vehicle, but the repair costs are higher if something goes wrong. Nothing lasts forever, but applying these maintenance hacks will add more miles to your trusty diesel mill.