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American Lung Association in PA Calls for Researcher Applications to Save Lives

Jun 18, 2023

The American Lung Association in Pennsylvania announces the start of its 2024-2025 research awards and grants cycle. The organization is now accepting research grant applications from researchers here in Pennsylvania with the potential to improve prevention, detection and treatment options for all lung diseases including lung cancer.

“We have wonderful research institutions and leading-edge researchers in Pennsylvania,” said Caroline Hutchinson, Executive Director for the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania. “The Lung Association is committed to supporting the best scientific minds to help develop solutions to alleviate the burden of lung disease. We encourage researchers throughout the state to apply for these grants.”

Research projects funded by the Lung Association are carefully selected through rigorous scientific peer review and awardees represent the investigation of a wide range of complex issues to reduce the suffering and burden of lung disease.

Below is a list of currently available research funding opportunities:

Lung Cancer Discovery Award Letter of Intent required.Emerging Respiratory Pathogen Award Letter of Intent required.Innovation Award Hastings Innovation Award for Interstitial Lung Disease Allergic Respiratory Diseases Research Award Catalyst Award Dalsemer Interstitial Lung Disease Award Public Policy and Public Health Award