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Florida CFO urges generator safety ahead of Idalia

Aug 30, 2023

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida Chief Financial Officer and State Fire Marshall Jimmy Patronis reminded Floridians of the importance of using gas-powered generators safely ahead of Hurricane Idalia on Tuesday.

“As Hurricane Idalia approaches the Gulf Coast, practice safety while putting generators to use around your home," he said in a statement. "Please do not run your generator inside any enclosed area such as your garage or in your home. Generators produce carbon monoxide which is completely colorless, odorless and very dangerous. These machines can be lifesavers, but can turn very deadly if not operated with the utmost caution. Follow the important safety tips below to keep you and your family safe during and after the storm.”

Here are some important safety tips to follow when using a generator:

Visit Florida's disaster preparedness website to learn more about hurricane safety.