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Qiangda Slurry Pumps What is Slurry Pumps Slurry pumps are designed for heavy-wearing and heavy-duty uses like the trans;
Basic Info.
Working Pressure High Pressure Pump
Influent Type of Impeller Single Suction Pump
Position of Pump Shaft Horizontal Pump
Pump Casing Combined Horizontal Split Pumps
Mounting Height Suction Centrifugal
Impeller Closed
Usage Pump, Pumps, Condensate Pump, Ash Pumps, Circulating Pump
Pump Parts Engineering up on Need
Materials Metal or Rubber Liner
OEM Offered
Transport Package Wooden Packing
Specification Large flow High effiency
Trademark Kingda
Origin China
HS Code 841370
Production Capacity 2000 Mt/Month
Product Description

Qiangda Slurry Pumps

What is Slurry Pumps

Slurry pumps are designed for heavy-wearing and heavy-duty uses like the transportation of abrasive fluid and corrosive Slurry in industries such as mining, dredging steel and sewage treatment.
It is a kind of machinery that increases the energy of solid and liquid mixed fluid by means of centrifugal force (the rotation of the impeller of the pump), and converts energy into the kinetic energy and potential energy of the Slurry.
Slurry pumps differ from the other pumps in many aspects like design and materials,when choosing a slurry pump you need take everything into consideration, otherwise it will cause the service life of the slurry pump to be greatly reduced.

Overall performance and advantages of Qiangda Slurry Pumps

1.We adopt the international advanced CFD Turbo Software system to optimize design pump casing and impeller, which not only improves efficiency and reduce the cost, but also provides the pump with suitable capacity and head to meet the requirements of customers
2.With the help of our special software and combined with advanced hydraulic models of home and abroad to optimize the impeller and pump body design, which can reduce hydraulic loss and improve efficiency. The design efficiency is 5-15% higher than usual double suction centrifugal pump; impeller wear ring is wear-resistant material. It has remarkable operation life
3.This series double suction pump has excellent suction performance, can be operated at high rotation speed, Under the condition off high suction lift and temperature can choose low speed pump.
4.Besides standard materials, this series pump adopt different materials for different mediums to meet requirement of site situation, including gray iron, ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel, Ni-cast iron, copper anti-wear and anti-corrosion materials
5.Double suction structure of impeller, double casing structure of pump casing and short distance between bearings can decrease the vibration, lower the noise and make the operation more reliable
6.The design of double-casing structure and special material allow the bearing and rings to work for a longer life.
7.Take stress analysis for pump casing through special software and decide wall thickness according to it, release inner stress and make pump casing small and portable under the condition of ensuring strength.
8.Structure of double suction centrifugal pump makes it easy for checking and repairing rotor, bearing seal and other easy wearing parts, open pump cover only to operate conveniently without disassembling inlet &outlet water
9. The pump's discharge flange can be designed according to customer's requirement for example API (Eight Version)standard, ASME, ANSI standards.

About Qiangda

Shijiazhuang Qiangda Industry Group Co., Ltd. is China's leading professional manufacturer of slurry pumps, sewage pumps and submersible pumps integrating pumps scientific research, design, manufacturing, and sales.

Advanced Anti-Corrosion Motor Drive New Materials Double Casing Paper Pulp Slurry Pump for Mining Coal Petrochemical Electronic & Power

Qiangda Products
The products of Qiangda include specific slurry pumps for Shield Tunneling Machine, Sewage pumps, submersible pumps, petrochemical pumps, flue gas desulfurization pumps, dredging pumps, etc., As a big platform Qiangda also offers a series of supporting products such as wear-resistant valves, diaphragm couplings, cyclones, control cabinets, etc. All of products sell well in various places, the market share of slurry pump products ranks among the top in the industry. At present, in China, our company's slurry pump market share has reached about 60%, and the sewage pump market share has exceeded 30%.
Qiangda Service
Qiangda could provide various supporting pump products and pump system design and installation services for Metallurgy, Mining, Electric power , Coal, Dredging, Thermal power flue gas desulfurization, environmental protection engineering, sewage treatment, urban water supply and drainage, water conservancy engineering, farmland irrigation, petrochemical, building materials and many other enterprises and fields .
Qiangda provides full-process and life-cycle pump solutions. From your project establishment to the after-sales of pump products, we promise to provide the qualified products and services.

Why Qiangda

Long history and Rich experience
The factory is build in 1950s and saw the first impurity pump manufacturing, ever since then, the group is devoted into the field of industry pump, which allows the group to accumulate rich experience and could well deal with all pumps problem
In the early 1980s, the company has successively introduced the design and manufacturing technology from Germany Ritz Company, Japan Kubota Co., Ltd. etc, The products cover ten series of slurry pumps, submersible pumps and sewage pumps which are with international advanced levels. Mass production capacity has been formed in a relatively short period of time through digestion and absorption.
Application lab and Technology center
Qiangda group has the sole impurity pump research lab in China that serves the pump industry, specializing in the research work of pumps performance, wear mechanism, wear-resistant materials and new product development. To make full use of the technology, an independent technology center was set up in the factory, focusing on cooperation with top domestic colleges and universities such as Tsinghua University, a fast product transformation from the latest technology is released.
At the same time, from the perspective of sustainable development, the company strictly ensures the proportion of product R&D investment. Which injects impetus to the renewal of products . Now Kingda has also 6 series of nearly 100 varieties of high-efficiency and energy-saving new products. It has embarked a new career on a road of "technology introduction, digestion and absorption, innovation and improvement".

Advanced Anti-Corrosion Motor Drive New Materials Double Casing Paper Pulp Slurry Pump for Mining Coal Petrochemical Electronic & Power

Strong Casting and Manufacturing Capacity
Qiangda Group has invested 650 million Yuan in Xingtang County, Shijiazhuang City to build a new R&D, design, and manufacturing base. The plant covers an area of more than 300 acres, with a total construction area of nearly 80,000 square meters. It could produce 3,050 sets of various pumps systems and 1,400 tons of various pump accessories. At present, Xingtang Pump factory, a subsidiary of Qiangda Group, has 378 sets of main production equipment, 73 sets of special use equipment, 500 sets of various advanced test, measurement, and analysis instruments & equipments; along with more than 480 sets of computers, Now all equipment control has basically finished digitization , constitute a complete production process equipment system with strong manufacturing capabilities.
Professional Oversea teams
In order to better serve overseas customers, Qiangda establish a new and separated oversea department in 2021, who will actively explore the international market relying on domestic production bases .
The service team of the new department has decades' experience in overseas trade. they have a thorough understanding of products and welcome any consultation. Choose Qiangda and pump strong power to your career.

Customized solution for every Pump need

Qiangda group, in line with the concept of serving customers and developing together with customers, provides customized solutions for every slurry pump needs. For years, we learn from the customer and better served them in return. Qiangda Group focus on large scale slurry pumps, pumps strong power to your career.

Advanced Anti-Corrosion Motor Drive New Materials Double Casing Paper Pulp Slurry Pump for Mining Coal Petrochemical Electronic & Power

In terms of equipment quality
Provide clients with high-quality products that meet relevant national standards, contract requirements, and customer's design and application requirements. And implement life-long service. A third-party supervision system can be implemented for important products.
In terms of delivery
Perform the delivery responsibilities on time, and transport in the most convenient way to minimize the time for customers to get the product
In terms of technical service
Provide users with important technical information for operation and maintenance. Combining with the network and remotely, provide technical and business training for equipment installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. When necessary, experienced engineering and technical personnel could be sent to provide on-site technical services in time . After receiving the user's complain of the quality problem , It is guaranteed to reply within 24 hours and provide a solution within 48 hours, and the service will not stop if the user is not satisfied with the solution.

Advanced Anti-Corrosion Motor Drive New Materials Double Casing Paper Pulp Slurry Pump for Mining Coal Petrochemical Electronic & Power

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